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Box sash windows comprise of the box which is the outiside frame and the sash which are the sliding parts. Box sash windows always have 2 sashes a top sash and a bottom sash, the top sash sliding down, and the bottom sash sliding up. Traditionally these are counterbalanced on weights inside the box reveal where they cannot be seen. Although in recent years a new method has been used which are known as spriral balancers. This consists of using springs to counterbalance the window, these are tensioned to the exact weight of the sash to allow the sash to operate freely. But in our opinion spriral balancers are not as efficient as counterbalancing sashes using traditional weights and cords. throughout existance spiral balancers do not stand the test of time. 


Windows are the eyes of a building allowing light to be drawn in and giving views out, they profoundly affect its apperance and add characterists to the building. coupled with thier architectual significance. Not to mension their surviving history it can be argued they have earned there status and are the most prodominant window throughout the united kingdom.


There are many benifits of the sash window it remains one of the most effiecient windows on the market. Sash windows are the most effective design when controlling ventillation in your property. Rising hot and stale air is ejected by opening the top sash. Cool and clean air is drawn into the property by opening the bottom sash. For optimum ventilation the top and bottom sashes should be openened at equal distances as far as possible. This ensures you in having the greatest air flow possible, entering and exiting your building.

Sash Windows

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