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Why use Wood rather than Plastic ( UPVC )

In recent years plastic (UPVC) Windows have become more widespead as a result of intense and aggressive markting. We can understand the wish to reduce fuel bills, but this has been used as an excuse to rip out exsisting Georgian Sashes and to replace them with plasticproducts which incorporate Double Glazing; Such as Double Glazed Windows. Plastic products not only look out of place in a Georgian facade, But also represent the least cost-effective way of insulating an old house. Factory made standard Windows of all kinds whether aluminium, galvanised steel or plastic are almost always damaging to the character and apperance of historic buildings. So-called 'Georgian style' replacement windows generally have little in common with the Georgian timber sashes they replace, the character of the original openings often being wholly lost. Generally fashioned, as extremely crude approximations of Georgian sashes, Windows such as plastic (UPVC) have not, Despie the salesman claims been fully tried by time. What is often forgotten is the Georgian sashes have generally lasted 200 years or more, unlike their plastic rivals Georgian sashes can be repaiered and painted any colour you wish. 

In summary, the key issue with regards to new windows is that unsuitable replacement can not only look hideous but can also diminish the value of a house both through structual damage they cause and through the disappearance of sought-after 'period' characteristics.

UPVC Windows
Timber Windows


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